Innovation expert Katja inspires us: ‘’Just do it. Don’t get distracted and go for what you’re worth.’’


Katja is 51 years old and supports organizations to innovate their processes through her company Greenpoint. As a successful businesswoman she knows her strengths - and perhaps more importantly, her worth.

Everyday Inspiration

Success is not created, it is inspired. Katja's number one way to find inspiration in the everyday is by running.

Katja is also inspired by top athletes - and specifically individual sports. She deeply admires their ability to put themselves in a state of trance. Conjuring this supreme focus with an audience of millions is no small feat.

Being able to create their own bubble and therefore being able to deliver a top performance is something that inspires her every day.

"Running helps me channel my energy. It gives me a physical outlet to find inner peace.''

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